If you are currently a client please log into LOGIN when you are prompted.

If you are new to our salon please enter your information when prompted.

Please note that you will receive a confirmation that your appointment or Waiting List request has been accepted via email. If you chose Waiting List as the employee, this IS NOT an appointment and a stylist will contact you if an appointment becomes available.

Please ensure that you have entered a valid email and cell phone number. If you have any questions please contact us directly at (512) 382-0844.

We are as small salon, unless you need assistance, please do not bring anyone with you who does not have an appointment scheduled at that time.

Shear Headcase is a salon that operates as a true team. Our stylists fully support each other and work together to bring the best experience to our clients. You are in amazing hands with anyone a the salon, but if you aren't sure who you would like to see, or need help deciding what you want to do, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation.

p: (512) 382-0844