Adopt A Family

Give to a local family and we give to you! For every $50 donated receive 20 loyalty points. BCVC & DSVC clients receive 25% off your first salon visit.


Anything you can give to the family would be greatly appreciated by us and them!

Sometimes people need a little help to have a holiday of cheer.

This local family of 5 could use the help of their community to make this season a little brighter.

Mom works two jobs and still finds time to volunteer at the local schools while making sure she is able to support her kids in every way. She puts them first and we would love to see her take care of herself and have the opportunity to have a little something for the holiday.

The kids include

~18 year old boy~ 16 year old boy~ 14 year old girl~ 12 year old girl~

Shear Headcase, Dripping Springs Vision Center & Bee Cave Vision Center will be shopping to fullfill the family wish list.

If you would like to purchase a specific gift for a member of the family please email Krissy Dobson or Desiree Davis